[12 - FEB] 2012 Crypter [Binder - Spreader - Spoofer] [35+ Features] [C#]

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2012 Crypter Private Version

    [+]Working on : XP/VISTA/7 [32/64 BIT]
    [+]Private Encrypted Fud RunPE
      [+]RunPE #1 (Special RunPE Coded In VB)
      [+]RunPE #2 (Special RunPE Coded In C#)

    [+]Custom Injection
      [+]Drop & Run
      [+]Default Browser

    [+]9 Different Encryption
      [+]Polymorphic Encryption
    [+]File Binder
      [+]Binds Any File (.jpg, .mp3, .pdf, .wmv etc)
      [+]One time execution Binder added

    [+]40% Small Out-Put then the original file size
    [+]Custom encryption Pool
    [+]22+ Antis
      [+]35+ Antis
    [+]2 Start-Up
      [+]Add to Start-up Folder

    [+]Custom Start-up Name
    [+]Custom Install Path
      [+]My Documents

    [+]Hide File
    [+]4 Worm Functions
      [+]USB Spreader
      [+]RAR Spreader
      [+]Zip Spreader
      [+]Lan Spreader

    [+]4 Disablers
      [+]Task Manager
      [+]System Restore
      [+]System Registry

    [+]NT Header
    [+]File Persience
    [+]Melt File
    [+]Bypass Firewall
    [+]Bypass UAC
    [+]Custom encryption key
    [+]Assembly Changer
    [+]File Cloner
    [+]Icon Changer
    [+]Extension Spoofer
    [+]Private Version Starting From 11€
      [+]11€ for 1 Month
      [+]21€ for 3 Months
      [+]35€ for 6 Months
      [+]50€ for lifetime

    Features with [+] Sign are only in Private Version.

100% Tested and Works With:
[√] BlackShades RAT
[√] BlackShades HTTP
[√] Blackshades Stealer
[√] Blackshades Fusion
[√] CyberGate
[√] DarkComet 5
[√] SpyNet
[√] XtremeRAT
[√] iStealer
[√] DDoSeR
[√] Albertino's Advanced RAT
[√] Poison Ivy
[√] Cerberus
[√] xDoseR
[√] Turkojan 4 Gold
[√] Dark DDoser
[√] Cammy
[]Rapzo Logger ( Public & Private Edition )
[]XYZ Logger (All Versions)
[]Predator Pain (All Versions)
[]541's Keylogger (All Versions)
[]Jays Keylogger
[]r3d0n l0GG3r (All Versions)
[]{Project Neptune (All Versions)
[]Works With all .net Keyloggers

[Image: ibcNlvZB73UITl.gif]

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Download Public Version:

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Note:- I Will be Updating Extra Stub Regularly. So Next Time you Only Need to Download the stubs. And For a 100% FUD Crypter I will Suggest you to Go With My Private Crypter.

Download 4 FUD Stubs (Updated 12-FEB)


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