10/03/12 FUD Easy Crypt! Live Scan Monitor Fullyundetected

[Image: slElV.png]
Easy Crypt ~ A crypter as easy as possible and as good as possible.
Easy Crypt ~ works with ALL file's and ALL settings.
Easy Crypt ~ Efficient & Fullyundetected 0/37!
Easy Crypt ~ Runtime & Scantime
SCAN : [spoiler title="STUB SCAN"] [Image: image.php?ID=c04fc89753d43c130bfd492b6c4f8b29]
[spoiler title="CRYPTED OUTPUT SCAN(DarkComet 5) : "] [Image: image.php?ID=4c638ce7c5ab2b0298924c3e3cf87493] [/spoiler]
ScanMonitor Crypted Output (DarkComet-5):
[Image: image.php?ID=205a4cb4bbc4ea662ed4a59a9c48b920]


Have fun , i hope you all will enjoy !