NEW 04/03 FREE FUD PwnzCrypt Version 3.0 Run/Scantime Icon Changer Startup

PwnzCrypt Version 3.0 Public

[Image: VgBPm.png]

Requirements for Builder
Eazfuscator - Download now
.net Framework 2.0
.net Framework 2.0 SDK
.net Framework 4.0
Simply use google to search for .net Framework files, make sure you install correct version (x32 or x64)

-Runtime and Scantime Crypter to protect your files
-64 and 32 bit
-Includes Icon Changer
-Tested on iStealer and works fine
-Outputted file can be edited on ResHacker
-Assembly Info can be changed
-Randomize Assembly
-Built in antis
-Obfuscator (Eazfuscator)
-Icon Pack
-No CMD popup on crypted outputs
-FUD, If it is 3/34, edit assembly and icon (Once it gets to 7/34 I will re-fud)
-Disable Task Manager
-Disable RegEdit
-Disable MSConfig
-Small Stub Size


Crypted File


Download Links

ℋმჯԾԻ for Source
mavamaarten for Theme